Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts Academy


Sifu Welcomes all those who are interested in learning Martial skill’s. Our doors are open for New Student’s and Current Martial Artists looking to further their Martial Art’s Experience!!

845 65th st. 2nd Floor * Brooklyn NY 11220 *

2500 Square Feet Of Exercise And Dance Space, NEW Floor, A True Wall to Wall WuShu Competitors Mat, Room Length Mirrors, Weapons For All Weapons forms, Strike Dummies For Strength Development, Body Pads For Protection.
WuShu, which is more commonly known as Kung Fu, is the Chinese term for martial arts. The character Wu, which means “martial”, is composed of two parts: Zhi, which means “to stop”, and Ge, which means “to fight”. Therefore, “stop fighting” is the basic tenet of Chinese martial arts moral principle. We use our martial skills to stop conflict and bring about peace.Chinese Martial Arts is not only for military training, but also serves the purposes of health, character development, and discipline. Correct Kung Fu training provides an individual with an excellent method of exercise, a personal arts form, a competitive sport, and a basis for sparring and self-defense.
Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts emphasizes both traditional and modern training methods for external and internal styles.Grand Master Zhang Yuan offers Kung Fu training classes for kids & teens, as well as for adults. We are located in Brooklyn, NY, see our location page for more details. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students are welcome.

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